Nicole Bremner | Director
East Eight

Nicole Bremner, Director, East Eight

Nicole Bremner is a property developer, investor and founder of two real estate companies based in the City and East London areas – East Eight and London Central Developments.

Working with both commercial and residential properties, Nicole engages award-winning architect and design partners to produce stunning results. She is also a speaker, author and mentor. 

At first it was simply the creativity and financial independence that drew her into the world of property, but ever more it is the highly collaborative aspect to the industry which continues to inspire her.

Nicole has completed a range of development projects, the first being a dilapidated, run down former lodge in Hackney that has since become her home. In 2013, she launched her second company London Central Developments which, with its own in-house construction team, focuses on schemes across the capital of 12-45 units, between £2 to £20 million purchase price and a two year time horizon.

Now Nicole spends her time investing and consulting in the PropTech and AltFi industries as a chairperson on the board of Cogress Finance Limited and a non-executive director to Bamboo Auctions. Her first book, Bricking It, was published in 2017 and become a number one Amazon bestseller. She is currently working on a number of follow up books when she finds a quiet space in her schedule.


PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 09:40

The importance of personal brand in scaling your business and attracting investment

PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 10:59


PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 13:40

Panel discussion: Advancing inclusion and diversity across the property and construction ecosystem

  • Diversifying the talent pipeline
  • Leading by example
  • Soliciting feedback
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