Andres De Leon | Chief Executive Officer
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc

Andres De Leon, Chief Executive Officer, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc

Known globally for his focused management style and creation of growth-oriented businesses within the infrastructure construction and alternative energy sectors, Andres de Leon was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Previously, Andres had served as Chief Operations Officer for HyperloopTT for three years. 
Andres brings 30 years of international experience as a senior executive in manufacturing, finance management, private/public business negotiation, and tax and audit supervision to HyperloopTT. Andres has initiated and executed corporate affairs in Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Chile, and the United States. 
While receiving a degree in law and his MBA from one of the world’s top business universities, IE Business School, Andres worked in the financial department and became Deputy Financial Director of Terratest Construction in Spain where he oversaw the construction of major construction projects around the world. Later he became General Manager of a multinational industrial group, specializing in the manufacturing of alternative energy products on a global scale. 
This experience has proven to be a perfect match for the globally collaborative entity of HyperloopTT. In a few short years, Andres became critical to the development of the organization by orchestrating several key global agreements and investments, while transitioning the forward-thinking concept and design-oriented company into an industry-leading firm focused on engineering and execution. He now leads the largest crowd-powered team of professionals ever assembled.


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