Ruth P Briones | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Greenergy Solutions | Philippines

Ruth P Briones, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Greenergy Solutions

As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Greenergy Solutions Inc. (, Ruth P. Briones is responsible in the preparation of the Blue print of the Global “Zero Waste Economy” concept and sustainable Renewable Energy Projects adopting Private-Public Partnerships Scheme. She authored the Public-Private Partnerships Section of the 10-Volume Sustainability Encyclopedia of Berkshire Publishing (USA, 2012). Ruth is about to finish a book on Sustainable Reneable Energy Development and climate Change. Further, she is a lecturer on sustainable Renewable energy development.

Ruth is also currently engaged as Environment Sustainability Specialist Consultant of the Asian Develoopment Bank (ADB) and as the National Consultant – Environment of the Public- Private Partnership Center – National Economic Development Authority of the Philippines.

Ruth has created six special purpose corporations which are now developing renewable energy projects: two biomass project using Napier Grass as feedtock, two Waste-to-energy PPP Projects with local government units, one 50.0 MW Wind Power and one 20 MW Solar energy projects.


Day One - Premium Conference @ 15:00

Panel Discussion: Ensuring a sustainable solar industry for Vietnam

  • What can be done to accelerate solar development in Vietnam
  • Implementation of new technology and knowledge transfer
  • Reflections on projects developed in the past year – what are the challenges, where are we up to now?
  • Structuring off-take agreements
  • Securing grid connection
  • Financial viability of projects: How do yields compare with other emerging markets?

Day One - Premium Conference @ 16:30

Project Matching Session

Meet the Developers & Investors – We bring local project developers and international investors together in a series of roundtables. Local project developers will introduce themselves and share their projects’ status and what investments and services they are looking for. Investors will share what they can offer. You’ll get the chance to sit with business partners from local and international organisations to identify investment and partnership opportunities in an intimate, small group environment.

ZONE 1: Utility scale solar
Leader: Marat Zapparov, Senior Director, Infrastructure Clifford Capital, Singapore

ZONE 2: Rooftop solar
Leader: Hanh Le, Deputy Country Representative, Viet Nam, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Vietnam

ZONE 3: Wind
Leader: Hugo Virag, Director, Astris Finance, Singapore

ZONE 4: Other renewable resources
Leader: Ruth Briones, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Greenergy Solutions, Philippines

Day Two - Premium Conference @ 15:40

Panel Discussion: What are the right investment signals and market reforms to push Vietnam’s energy storage capacity?

Energy storage technologies – which include batteries, thermal storage, pumped hydro, and more – can help integrate wind and solar on to the grid by storing energy when power demand is low, and discharging power when demand is high. Energy storage adds flexibility to the grid, allowing renewables to generate power when they would otherwise be curtailed. 

With this value, Vietnam should plan a rapid expansion of the country’s energy storage capacity. The key question is, what are the investment incentives and market reforms that will help to attract industry players?

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