Florian Bennhold | Managing Director
Symbior Solar | Hong Kong

Florian Bennhold, Managing Director, Symbior Solar

Florian Bennhold is CEO of Symbior Solar, a solar PV project developer focused on Asia’s frontier solar PV markets. Symbior is currently building five projects in Thailand with a combined capacity of 29MW and has an additional 100MW under development across the region. Prior to leading Symbior’s solar operations, Florian was in charge of business development at the parent company Symbior Energy, the energy venture incubator. Prior to that Florian was a co-founder, business development executive and renewable energy consultant in the United States and Asia. Florian holds MS degrees in Engineering Sciences from TU Berlin and Ecole Centrale Paris and an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and lives in Hong Kong with his wife and three sons.


Day Two - Premium Conference @ 11:40

Panel Discussion: Opportunities for power producers, manufacturers, investors & stakeholders

  • Business market opportunities in a fragmented market
  • New and innovative business models for solar
  • Investment climate in this region
  • Experiences from project developers in rolling out solar projects in other countries
  • How can industry stakeholders tap onto this burgeoning opportunity
  • Concerns for those with a wait and see approach

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