Christopher Dorman | Development Manager
Mainstream Renewable Power | Vietnam

Christopher Dorman, Development Manager, Mainstream Renewable Power

Chris joined Mainstream in 2011 as part of the Group’s Development team in North America. In this role he was responsible for securing government consents and managing stakeholder relations for a pipeline of wind and solar projects across the US and Canada. In 2015 he transitioned to the Group’s New Market team with a focus on the expansion of Mainstream into the Mexican energy market. He was responsible for market research and due diligence of potential investments in preparation for the newly formed auctions. In 2016 he shifted his focus to the Vietnamese power market in order to strengthen Mainstream’s presence in the region. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts from Grinnell College.


Day One - Premium Conference @ 14:00

Panel Discussion: Ensuring a sustainable wind industry for Vietnam

  • Foreseeable cost reductions in the industry
  • Economies of scales & technological advances
  • Implementation of new technology and knowledge transfer
  • Financial viability of projects: How do yields compare with other emerging markets?

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