Zhongli Talesun Solar Co Ltd


Talesun Solar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group (SZ: 002309). Talesun Solar was established in 2010 with a total investment of 5 billion RMB. With 2GW cell and 3GW module capacity, Talesun Solar has built state of the art, fully automated production line; all equipment comes from Italy, Germany and Japan. It enabled us to be the world’s leading large-scale scientific & PV manufacturing company. Talesun Solar is the only Chinese company who had received the VDE Quality-Tested certificate in PV industry, which guarantees Talesun Solar’s excellent product quality. 
Talesun Solar takes the lead in extending PV industry value chain: till end of 2015, Talesun Solar has cumulatively invested and developed more than 3.6 GW PV power plants. Talesun Solar plays a leading role in the global photovoltaic industry value chain extension and contributes to a better world environment.