Yuliana Indriati | President Director
Pt. Kalbe Genexine Biologics | Indonesia

Yuliana Indriati, President Director, Pt. Kalbe Genexine Biologics

Yuliana currently serves as the President Director of PT Kalbe Genexine Biologics that focusing in product acquisition of early phase , clinical trial design, technology transfer in manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Prior to the current position, she held various position for over 20 years among several pharmaceutical companies  with in both small and large molecules with expertise includes business strategy, product development and manufacturing , also commercialization in Indonesia, ASEAN, middle east and USA. Yuliana also established Kalbe Vision Pte. Ltd and was its Director for 5 years that focusing in product development and commercialization of eye care products.


Phar-East Day 2 @ 14:50

Southeast Asia Focus: Fostering homegrown innovation and biotech firms

Phar-East Day 2 @ 16:10

Regulatory compliance in biologic products comparability following technology transfer

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