William Jia | Chief Scientific Officer
Virogin Biotech | China

William Jia, Chief Scientific Officer, Virogin Biotech

Dr. William Wei-Guo Jia had his PhD in 1991 at University of British Columbia (UBC) in molecular neurosciences. Since 1999, he has been an associate professor since 1999 at UBC and an associate scientist of BC Cancer Research Centre.
Dr. Jia was the first in Canada and the first few scientists in the world using human Herpes simplex virus to treat cancer, which pioneered the field of oncolytic virotherapy for cancer treatment. One gene therapy drug for malignant gliomas developed by Dr. Jia has completed a phase I clinical trial in China.
The other research activity of Dr. Jia’s laboratory is to study natural products, especially Ginseng, for their anti-cancer and neuroprotective effects, His novel concept of “post-absorption/metabolism compounds” or PAMCs has led to discovery of an active metabolite of ginseng that is now in phase II clinical trial for anti-depression. In past years, Dr.Jia has published more than 100 papers in international journals including more than 12 papers focused on ginseng or ginsenosides.
Dr.Jia has won many national awards in Canada and he has had a Scholarship from Canadian Medical Council. He is currently a chief scientific advisor of Shanghai Innovative Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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