Ternion Biosciences Pte. Ltd


TERNION Biosciences is a biotech startup that is developing innovative solutions for stem cell-based drug screening. Our aim is to help make drug development more efficient and less expensive by providing high throughput cell-based screening assays that have unprecedented predictive power. We have been awarded the SPRING TECS-POV Grant to bring OptioQUANT-HT, our next generation of rapid, efficient and precise high throughput optical action potential based drug-screening platform-assay to the market. Our technology focuses on the interrogation of electrophysiology of cells with higher throughput, lower cost, and higher information content than conventional patch clamp assays and with better spatial and temporal resolution than other optical screening tools. Ternion’s team has over 30 years combined industrial and academic research experience focused on stem cell engineering, neural and cardiac electrophysiology, and advanced imaging platform development. We are engaged by key research groups for our expert services and consultation in electrophysiological assays of cardiomyocytes as well as compound safety screening. With the impending new guidelines for compulsory preclinical cardiac safety assessment, CiPA, TERNION is well positioned to capture new market demand and will further develop the next generation of high-content / high-throughput stem cell-based assays for diabetes and cancer drug development and personalized medicine.
We envision Ternion as the key Clinical Research Organization to streamline preclinical drug development and compound safety screening. 






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