Kolon Life Science, Inc.


Kolon Life Science, Inc. was established in Korea in 2000 and the company provides bio-pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, anti-microbials and water solutions. The product that represents bio-pharmaceuticals is INVOSSA®-K.

INVOSSA®-K is the world's first osteoarthritis cell-mediated gene therapy developed by Kolon Life Science. The treatment injects combination of allogeneic chondrocytes and transduced chondrocytes with TGF-beta 1 gene into the intra-articular space of the knee to delay progression of osteoarthritis. The company received BLA approval from the Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in July 2017, and domestic sales began last November.

The US-based Kolon Tissuegene is looking forward to conduct phase III US clinical trials of INVOSSA® next month. Considering the period from the completion of phase 3 clinical trials and receiving sales approval for INVOSSA® in US, the company expects to launch the product in US as early as 2023.    

Bio-pharmaceutical products under development comprise KLS-2031 for treating neuropathic pain, KLS-3020 for anti-cancer drug, and KLS-1010 for a therapeutic substance that can treat cancer by utilizing the gene.







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