ABF Pharmaceutical Services GmbH


GBA Group Pharma is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced service groups in the pharmaceutical sector. Located in the heart of Europe with facilities in Austria and Germany and hubs worldwide we are in the optimal position to support projects on a global basis with an unparalleled combination of services. The service range begins with pre-clinical research, covers CTSM for all clinical trial phases as well as commercial market access projects. Our unrivalled experience paired with our flexibility and personal approach differentiates us from our competitors.

As a CMO we provide full-service solutions for GMP compliant labelling and packaging, GMP storage and QP release including analytical testing of pharmaceutical products. We handle import/export and global distribution of clinical trial medication and market licenced products. Further we provide sourcing solutions for comparators, ancillary supplies and testing of primary and secondary packaging material.

As a Central Laboratory we handle all steps from kit and manual design, production to logistics, patient sample analysis and data management. Our analytical capabilities include the commonly used clinical parameters as well as method development and advanced bioanalysis. Additionally, we operate a global network of local isolation labs for immune cell (PBMC) processing.  







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