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It’s time to check in. Accommodation Vending is here to stay.

Elevate your service with accommodation vending. Conveniently offer products tailored to your guests’ needs. Seamlessly integrate and simplify your processes.

Quality service is a pivotal factor to customer satisfaction; however, this cannot be achieved without convenience and simplicity in mind. Accommodation Vending by AVS has been designed to help Hotels (hotels, motels and short stay accommodation businesses) recognise and minimise bottlenecks in the guests’ experience, as well as provide vending solutions tailored to guest needs that seamlessly integrate with existing processes. Our solutions ensure enhanced customer satisfaction combined with greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

The “new” Minibar

The Accommodation Vending range will ensure your guests can enjoy access to a wide range of refreshments and snacks 24/7.  Whether it’s a late-night drink or a sweet craving, our vending machine is at their service. 

Let us help you customise your options to tailor the Mini Bar Vending Machine’s inventory to match your guests’ preferences and the local flavours. From artisan snacks to premium beverages, your guests will appreciate the thoughtfully curated selection that reflects the unique character of your hotel.

Our Mini Bar Vending Machine is a game-changer for you and your staff. Say goodbye to restocking individual mini bars daily and say goodbye to unpaid consumed items. Our solution ensures all items are paid for and allows your team to see when inventory is running low, allowing them to focus on other important guest services.

Your guests’ health and safety are paramount. The Mini Bar Vending Machine offers a contactless solution, reducing the need for physical interactions or tampering and ensuring a safer stay for your guests.

Fresh Food Made Easy

In today’s fast-paced world, guests are seeking convenience and healthy options during their stay. We have developed a revolutionary solution that will not only enhance your guests’ experience but also streamline your hotel operations. Cut back on costs and treat your guests to a vast selection of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals and food selections to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Our Smart Fridge Solution offers you 24/7 self-service convenience, accountability, and control over what you stock and how much you sell it for. Whether your guests check in late or depart early or just want something to eat during unstaffed hours, our smart fridge solution allows you to offer this service.



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