Total School Solutions


Total School Solutions (TSS) are specialists in ensuring your school has the RIGHT external providers in place. We offer the Highest Quality service and offer significant savings to the bottom line.

Total School Solutions can save schools $1,000's of dollars by reviewing service providers in a timely and efficient manner. It is not only money that is saved, but significant time and effort for school administrators and Boards. Best of all, there is no fee payable unless savings are generated for the school.

Total School Solutions was initially established following a conversation I had with a School Principal and Business Manager regarding their capacity to find the time to review a number of their external providers. Having previously worked in senior management roles within the education sector, I am confident I can help all schools save money and time with their external supplier partners 

without compromising the quality of their services.

I would be delighted to assist your school to ensure you have the highest quality providers and the most competitively priced services for your community.