ClassCom Pty Limited


We are a software vendor focused on Higher Education, Blended Learning & Online Learning. Our software is for academic team in a unit to support their students through Livechat. The software is an LTI extension to the LMS

Academics set up specific online sessions. Students get notification to be online at the right time. Students also send questions before the allocated sessions.

Academics then have 1 on 1 chat with students via text. As both are online, issues are resolved quickly and academics answer multiple students at the same time.

The chat text can then be turned into a FAQ for other students to learn, and provide analytics about tutors’ performance, students’ satisfaction and key problems

International students use our translation algorithms to help them interact with the academics with more confidence. We also reduce academics’ work load with tools: pulling students’ information from LMS, search glossary to answer or give examples.