Meet Our Speakers

Pasi Sahlberg, Director, Research, Gonski Institute of Education

Pasi is one of the most respected Educators in the world today with a resume featuring positions such as. Senior education specialist at the World Bank, Lead Education Expert at The European Training Foundation & Director General at the Finland’s Ministry of Education. With all of this experience combined with his time as School Teacher Pasi brings a perspective that is unique and holistic when discussing trends, challenges and opportunities in Education.

Tamsyn Rosenberg, Founder, Alive

Tamsyn Rose has over 15years experience in performance coaching and Leadership facilitation. Founder and CEO of two of Australia’s leading Mental Wellbeing organisations, Get Real International and Alive Project, she not only has mastered the skills required for successful leadership she is on the leading edge of Wellbeing Education and Performance Psychology. Working with 300 executives and over 12,000 employees each year. In addition Get Real and ALIVE workers with over 60,000 students and 350 sporting clubs across Australia and personally supports over 500 families each year.

Ted Dintersmith, Author, What School Could Be

Ted is one of America's leading advocates for education policies that foster creativity, innovation, motivation, and purpose. He knows what skills are valuable in a world of innovation, and how we can transform our schools to prepare kids for their futures. His contributions span film, books, philanthropy, and the hard work of going all across America.

Dr Bronwyn Hinz, Director, Public Policy, Nous Group

Bronwyn is Director of Research and Development at Pivot Professional Learning, Honorary Fellow at Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and a “pracademic” with 15 years of experience. Her award-winning research has focussed on school and system improvement processes, student voice, entrepreneurial learning and policy making, and she’s a regular expert guest on radio and television. Her career is driven by a belief that better data, greater student voice, productive collaboration and intelligent resource allocation are keys to setting up all students, teachers and schools to excel.