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OTOZ will match underutilized vehicle assets with services that have unmet transport demand. Asset owners will make vehicles available on OTOZ Asset Registry, the platform then makes them available to mobility service providers (Network Users) to use part of different mobility models. This increases utilization, unlocking an additional revenue stream for the assets owner, and increasing the reach and capacity of new mobility services.

OTOZ will tokenize assets on the Blockchain therefore creating a digital twin of each vehicle and allowing us to capture the data generated to create a circular economy leveraging a utility token. We can then create insights on this captured valuable data using AI & Machine Learning. OTOZ will also democratize the data to third-parties to create new and innovative business models. OTOZ through IoT devices installed on the car, also tracks your car’s location, condition and various telematics, providing a decentralized and cryptographically secure network of information.

  • OTOZ Product Features:Car Sharing & Rental platform
  • Blockchain based Asset Registry allowing creation of digital twins for assets
  • Potential to tokenize data and usage of assets
  • AI based live dashboard for vehicle information
  • Live fleet tracking feature
  • Wallet for Tokens
  • IoT based car Telematics
  • Smart Contract based car pick up and drop off
  • 3D maps for car pickup and drop off
  • KYC checks


The OTOZ Vision:


OTOZ is changing the way we will use cars. It is redefining the ownership paradigm and will put a car at your disposal and not you at the car’s.


OTOZ is the new enabling platform where OEMs, Auto Finance Companies, Car Dealers and Car Users will converge to create supply and demand for cars that are connected, insured, fuelled, charged, clean, accessible and ready for all types of journeys; an hour, a day, a week, a month or years.


You can be a provider or a user, either way, the car will become a flexible, changeable service and not a liability that is not utilised 95% of the time.

On Demand Mobility is the future of the car and OTOZ will be its enabler.


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