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BlackBerry® QNX® provides trusted foundational software for the next-generation software-defined vehicle – the intelligent EDGE. ​
Across multiple industries, intelligence at the EDGE is driving the need for advanced compute, creating cloud/EDGE hybrids and rapidly increasing the requirements for sophisticated, layered, high-performance software stacks. Nowhere is this more apparent and challenging than in the modern software-defined car. Rapidly evolving technology enablers such as high-performance compute, advanced sensors, ubiquitous connectivity and the increasing role of AI, combined with the unrelenting need for safety and security, have created one of the most interesting software problems ever conceived.​
BlackBerry QNX has a long history of working across multiple industries to support the most demanding mission-critical systems. When it comes to performance, safety, security and reliability, BlackBerry QNX is a trusted partner to companies that need to reduce complexity, cost and improve time to market. ​