Simon Fowles | Chief Executive Officer
Simai Technologies

Simon Fowles, Chief Executive Officer, Simai Technologies

Simon Fowles has over 20 years of large-scale operations experience and have worked in senior roles in transportation, telecommunications and systems engineering. There are two fundamental challenges the transport industry faces today.  The first is that it doesn’t serve customers very well, in many places journeys are incredible long, even for relatively short distances and are not optimized for the individual.  The second is an environment one.  Transport has done very little to reduce its environmental impact over the past 25 years – even as many other industries have improvement significantly.

The development of “new mobility” industry presents a huge opportunity – possibly a once in a generation opportunity - to move to a model that both serves “journey makers” better and is more / fully sustainable.
Simon has created SIMAI technologies to help show the world that its possible to serve the individual “journey maker” and do so sustainably through Simulation and modelling using AI and other techniques.

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