Peter Rodbro | Chief Executive Officer
The Experience Ticket

Peter Rodbro, Chief Executive Officer, The Experience Ticket

Peter Roedbro is the CEO and Founder of and The Experience Ticket. com started operations 2018 on top of system and in 2017 was launched as a fully integrated ticketing and line management system.

Nearly all of Peter's career has been in the Service Industry. Media, Finance, IT, consulting and Attraction/Entertainment. Working with the intersection of exploring IT systems and Marketing. Direct Marketing was one label. Today it’s to optimize the customer/guest experience in a World getting more and more Digital day by day.

In the 90’ties Peter developed a Job Database concept for the biggest Danish newspaper both in number of readers and job adds. This was followed by a Housing Database.

Later Peter developed internet based market places on the B2B market. Peter holds a Masters in Strategy and Marketing from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


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