Olav Madland | Chief Executive Officer
Applied Autonomy

Olav Madland, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Autonomy

Olav Madland introduced self-driving vehicles to Norway 2016. As the CEO of Applied Autonomy he has been involved in autonomous driving at Svalbard https://youtu.be/jfTwpttVCY0
and the world longest public transport service with autonomous shuttles up to now (4,4 kilometer round trip at Kongsberg)

Applied Autonomy is already a mature company with a solid track record. KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Maturity Index 2019 ranked Norway as number 3 and says “Norway has a specialist supplier in this area, Applied Autonomy. Applied Autonomy is a driver for Norway’s strong performances in both the technology and innovation pillar, where it is second, and consumer acceptance, where it is third.”

Olav has an Honors degree within information technology, statistics and public administration from the University of Bergen, followed by a series of business management courses from INSEAD.

His background shows a balanced mix of management roles within the telecom, banking and finance sectors, specifically issuing of credit cards, acquisition and settlement of transactions.

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