Naeem Ghauri | Founder And President

Naeem Ghauri, Founder And President, OTOZ

NAEEM GHAURI has been a Director of the Company since 1999 and was the Company’s Chief Executive Officer from August 2001 to October 2006. Mr. Ghauri was also a co-founder of the Company. Currently, Mr. Ghauri serves as the President and Director of Global Sales of NetSol as well as the director of NetSol (UK) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company located in London, While instrumental in numerous transactions, his most significant contribution to the revenue of the Company was his role in overseeing and leading the closing of the largest contract to date for the Company worth $100 million signed in December 2015. More recently, Mr. Ghauri headed the sales team that signed a contract with BMW Financial Services China, valued in excess of $35M. Mr. Ghauri has spearheaded the Innovation practice of the Company while located in Thailand with an eye towards working with rideshare platforms as sustainable business models for the Company as the CEO of OTOZ, Inc. This carshare platform is geared toward opening a new market segment for NetSol’s existing clients, as well as new prospects, to enter the on demand Mobility businesses, the fastest growing space in our vertical. Mr. Ghauri earned his degree in computer science from Brighton University in England.

Mr. Ghauri has leadership experience in innovation, sales and marketing, especially in a global automotive market. He has substantial experience in overseeing management performance objective and establishing goals.


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The future of mobility: A confluence of spheres

last published: 19/Feb/20 07:56 GMT

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