Matteo Pertosa | Board Of Directors

Matteo Pertosa, Board Of Directors, VAIMOO (MERMEC)

Matteo Pertosa is a third-generation entrepreneur who leads the growth of ANGEL, the Italian industrial group internationally recognized for its excellence in the design and development of high-tech solutions in the aviation, space, rail transport, Internet of Things (IoT) and e-Mobility, for which his team was awarded at CES 2018 with an innovative connectivity system for e-bikes.

He is CEO at SITAEL, the largest privately-owned Space Company in Italy, and Member of The Board of Directors at MERMEC, the multinational company (500 highly specialised professionals, 36 offices worldwide) of high-tech digital solutions for railway, rapid transits and public transportation for over 30 years. MERMEC technical know-how characterises its unique portfolio of advanced solutions used in 60 countries by the most important companies to improve their efficiency, to lower their operating costs, and to enhance their competitiveness also throughout its new light transportation offering of multi-modal last-mile travel options, promoting the functioning of the transport sector as a fully integrated system.


Day 1 @ 16:30

Electric micromobility: The affordable and flexible solution for last-mile transportation

last published: 19/Feb/20 07:56 GMT

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