Marta Krajewska | Deputy Director
Energy UK

Marta Krajewska, Deputy Director, Energy UK

Marta works as Deputy Director, Power at Energy UK- the trade association for the GB energy industry, leading the association’s work on issues regarding electricity generation. Marta and her talented team help members meet the challenges facing the country as it strives to decarbonise its energy industry in an efficient and cost-effective way while maintaining security of electricity supply to British homes and businesses.
Marta is a skilled legal and policy expert with almost a decade of experience within national and pan-European associations, energy companies, Government ministries and the European Commission. Her experience of working in high profile roles with Energy UK, most recently as Head of European Affairs, National Grid Ventures, where she was involved in the development of the IFA 2 and Viking Link interconnectors, and ENTSO-E, where she provided legal advice on the very first set of the EU network codes, has allowed her to develop a detailed understanding of GB and European energy markets.


Day 1 @ 15:00

New energy panel: Can the production of energy be as sustainable as its usage?

last published: 19/Feb/20 07:56 GMT

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