Lukas Neckermann | Co-founder and Board Observer
PAVE Europe

Lukas Neckermann, Co-founder and Board Observer, PAVE Europe

For over a decade, Lukas has helped founders, leaders, and investors navigate the mobility revolution. He is a globally recognized strategist, advisor, researcher, and keynote speaker on Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.

After introducing the world to “The Mobility Revolution"​ with his 2014 book, Lukas followed up with three more: "Corporate Mobility Breakthrough", "Smart Cities, Smart Mobility", and "Being Driven". He has addressed over 200 audiences (on five continents) on electrification, autonomous technology, smart cities, shared mobility, the energy transition, AI, and investing into a carbon-neutral future.

Lukas is an Advisor to NEXT Modular Vehicles, MSCI, and other companies. He regularly lectures at New York University, TU Berlin, the University of St. Gallen, as well as corporate universities across Europe. Lukas was COO at mobility scale-up Splyt, helping to grow the company to over 100 staff post-Series B investment, and has also co-founded companies in the UK, US, and Romania.

He co-initiated and launched PAVE Europe, a not-for-profit organisation to educate on the benefits of automated vehicle technology. He also co-founded the InterMobility networking platform, bringing together leaders from across the mobility ecosystem, as well as the Urban Places Lab at the University of St. Gallen.


Day 1 @ 11:55

Panel: Autonomous in the service of road safety

Day 1 @ 15:35

Panel: How AVs will interact with smart city infrastructure

last published: 17/May/24 16:15 GMT

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