Konrad Bergstrom | President
X Shore

Konrad Bergstrom, President, X Shore

At 16 years old, Konrad Bergström left home to pursue a career as a professional windsurfer in New Zealand. The career never took off, but his love of the ocean and willingness to commit to a path have never left him. Today, Konrad is the President of X Shore, a company combining Swedish craftsmanship with sustainable design technology to create the world’s first completely electric luxury seafaring vessels. In steering the maritime industry towards a cleaner, quieter future, X Shore has come to represent a hopeful journey, and one of Konrad’s guiding philosophies: ‘The future is bright for our Earth if we want it to be.’ 

After trademarking X Shore in 1996, Konrad founded Marshall Headphones and Zound Industries – the fastest growing company in Sweden to date. He left an indelible mark on the technology world, and coined the phrase that has come to define his innovations: “Be the best in design, be the best in functionality”. Konrad returned to X Shore in 2012, producing his first prototype in 2016.

In 2018, The Royal Patriotic Society of Sweden awarded Konrad The King’s Medal, their highest honour, in recognition of his entrepreneurial achievements. His success in business and technology is matched only by his dedication to the environment. As a UNOPS Ambassador, he is committed to protecting our oceans and our planet.


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Making aquatic transport greener

last published: 19/Feb/20 07:56 GMT

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