Kate Schramm | Chief Strategy Officer
Feonix-Mobility Rising

Kate Schramm, Chief Strategy Officer, Feonix-Mobility Rising

Kate specializes in finding the balance between dreaming big and being a dream crusher. She approaches strategic planning with a keen understanding of the practical limitations of a sustainable organization and a knack for creating relationships and environments that rise above the limitations.

Kate has worked for non-profits, educational institutions, for-profit companies, and, just before her employment with Feonix, as an Area Manager for Liberty Mobility Now, a rural-focused (MasS) Mobility as a Service start-up. With Liberty, Kate started a ride-share program in her community in less than 30 days. That ride-share program happened to be the first in the state of South Dakota. She also managed transportation provider services for an NEMT contract serving over 12,000 members in the state of Virginia.

At Feonix, Kate manages programs in 6 states and leads strategic planning for the organization. While instituting positive change in her own community has always been a way of life, Kate has made it her personal and professional mission to use her desire to serve and ability to lead to remove mobility barriers and create sustainable mobility solutions in communities around the world.   


Day 1 @ 12:10

Panel: What can MaaS do for cities?

last published: 27/Jan/20 16:25 GMT

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