Johan Von Porat | Chief Operating Officer
UbiGo Innovation

Johan Von Porat, Chief Operating Officer, UbiGo Innovation

Johan von Porat is running UbiGo, a mobility as a service (MaaS) operation, in Stockholm. UbiGo was the first MaaS in the world to go live, with happy customers paying for flexible mobility subscriptions for their households – all in one app. More convenient than owning a car, better for the city and the environment.

Johan has a broad experience from business-, product-, service- and operational development, marketing, communication, sales and brand management within automotive, IT, public transport, defense and education and he thrives, just like innovations, between different disciplines.

Johan has a M Sc in Mechanical Engineering and Product Development, which he topped with skills and experience from different roles, areas, industries and countries.

Johan wants to be close to people as well as technology and business, where he can understand, explain and inspire to big and meaningful changes. People and new ideas give him energy and, just like innovations, he thrives between different areas and disciplines.


Day 2 @ 15:30

Beyond the hype: Running a sustainable MaaS business

last published: 18/Jan/19 15:15 GMT

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