Gary Fisher | Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike
Trek Bicycle

Gary Fisher, Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike, Trek Bicycle

In 1974 Gary Fisher grafted a mixture of road bike and motorcycle parts onto a 1940s Schwinn Excelsior X and created the first reliable, low-maintenance mountain bike. Soon after, Gary founded Mountain Bikes, the first company to build production mountain bikes.
In the early 80’s he worked with the Japanese and developed the supply chain for mountain bikes.
He was a founding member of NORBA, the first Mountain Bike NGB, and was on their board of trustees for over 20 years.
For 25 years, Gary joined forces with Trek Bicycle to bring some of the most innovative bicycles to market, including the 29er mountain bike. Today, Gary continues to be one of the cycling world’s most influential thinkers. He travels the globe learning and spreading ideas about how the bicycle can empower people to make the world a better place.


Day 1 @ 10:30

How e-bikes will claim their rightful place

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