Darrell Swanson | Director
Swanson Aviation

Darrell Swanson, Director, Swanson Aviation

Swanson Aviation was established to explore the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft including both fixed wing and eVTOL.  Darrell predicts that electric aviation will lead to a future of distributed aviation.  His research on electric propulsion suggests that there is about to be a disruptive change to the regional aviation market were a new class of operator - electric Low Cost Carriers (eLCC) will be able to operate on routes traditionally thought to be unviable.  

He is an advisor to the Urban Air Mobility panel at ADS Group, an advisor to the Vertical Flight Society as well as an advisor to the British Aviation Group which is the largest trade body in the UK representing over 240-member companies.  Darrell has over 20 years’ experience in airport masterplanning, capital planning, acquisition due diligence and aerodrome safeguarding as well as operating an airport in Africa.


Day 2 @ 12:00

Implementation panel: Private-public interaction

Day 2 @ 14:25

Vertiport operations: It's airport operations Jim, but not as we know it

last published: 19/Feb/20 07:56 GMT

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