Chris Sheldrick | Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Chris Sheldrick, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer, what3words

Chris Sheldrick is the co-founder and CEO of what3words, the simplest way to communicate your location. The UK-based company solves the problem that roughly 75% of the world faces: inconsistent, complicated, poor, or no addressing. 

By carving the global map up into 57
trillion 3mx3m squares, what3words created a universal addressing system that uses a unique string of three words to specify any location. This means that business, government, NGOs and consumers can pinpoint an exact location anytime, anywhere, using just three words.

what3words is now used in more than 170 countries, and in 2016, the national post services of both Mongolia and Côte d'Ivoire adopted what3words as a supported national addressing system for their citizens.
what3words has been recognized by over twenty awards, including the prestigious Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Innovation, KPMG Best British Mobile Startup 2016 at Mobile World Congress, and Chris was selected as the British Accelerating Entrepreneur at the EY World
Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016. Investors include Intel Capital, Aramex, and
Horizons Ventures.


Day 1 @ 18:15

Conquering the world with three words

last published: 10/Dec/18 10:15 GMT

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