Angelo Rao | Manager Of Traffic Operations And Parking
City Of Lakeland

Angelo Rao, Manager Of Traffic Operations And Parking, City Of Lakeland

With his parents never having drivers’ licenses and living to a combined age of 182 years; as well as growing up in downtown Toronto, Canada, Angelo truly learned to walk the talk.   

With a combined 40 years of public and private sector service, Angelo understands the special needs of the public.  He has personally attended and/or chaired over 600 public meetings with a view of reaching consensus within these communities for implementing lasting solutions, for ALL transportation users!  Angelo is a 1980 graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Having a 100% interconnected fiber-based traffic control signal system, the City of Lakeland is utilizing/testing advanced technological systems such as:

  • Parking License Plate Reader technology;
  • 100% Hardwareless paid parking systems;
  • “Bluetooth” sensor speed and delay technology; as well as
  • advanced iCASP red-light running intersection crash avoidance safety technology.

Angelo loves to cook (no one has died yet), bike, kayak, and alleges to play the drums!

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