Alex Makalliwa | General Manager
Solar E-Cycles Kenya Limited

Alex Makalliwa, General Manager, Solar E-Cycles Kenya Limited

Alex is a budding engineer, entrepreneur and academic. He’s currently serving as General Manager at Solar E-Cycles Kenya - an organisation that designs and assembles light electric solar-powered tricycles. The organisation’s larger vision is to provide off-grid communities with affordable access to mobility and renewable energy. Our organisation's assertion is that this access will yield demonstrable social, economic and environmental gains. Alex’s aspiration is to develop technology whose adoption across Africa will have demonstrable social impact. Away from startups and his preparations for his PhD, you’ll find him reading, writing or trying to restore classic cars.


Day 1 @ 16:15

Light-electric solar-powered tricycles: Providing mobility and electricity to off-grid communities

last published: 27/Jan/20 16:25 GMT

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