Adam Scheinherr | Deputy Mayor For Transport
Prague City Hall

Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor For Transport, Prague City Hall

As the deputy mayor for transport, I guarantee transport topics, which I have been actively involved in for several years. My priority is the construction of the fourth line of the Prague metro, line D, new tram lines, the completion of the inner and outer ring roads around Prague, the maintenance and reconstruction of bridges in the capital and finding approaches to sustainable mobility using modern technologies and an environmentally sensitive approach.

I studied engineering and physics in the Czech Republic and France, and worked at the Nuclear Research Institute in Řež, near Prague, on a UN project to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons worldwide.

I have popularized the only cubist bridge in the world - the Libeň Bridge. For several years, I have been dealing in detail with its technical condition and traffic analysis of the whole area. Thanks to this, as the founder of the Libeň Bridge, Do Not Demolish, Do not Extend Initiative, I managed to present the factual stages of its reconstruction and rescue in order to fully restore the tram service while preserving the architectural values of the bridge for our children.

I also fight against forgetting the historical oppression of Nazi and then communist totalitarian ideologies, for example by commemorating the story of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Libeň.


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Bringing together economy, development and mobility: The bigger picture of transport

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