Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company creating technologies to build the autonomous future. The Company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we work with clients in different industries all over the world.

Today, the management of cities depends on timely, relevant and actionable data about the urban environment. The more data we can gather, the more complete our understanding of cities will be. The movement of vehicles and people can be measured, correlated and predicted over time to reduce traffic congestion and identify crime hotspots. Damage to infrastructure, like pot-holes and road cracks, can be assessed and the need for repair determined in a predictive manner. Parking offences and availability can be automatically detected.Problems created by pollution, congestion and crime can be addressed. We can deploy resources more effectively and make the urban environment a safer place.

Univrses is developing a platform called 3DAI City to deliver data relevant to the successful functioning of the city. This is a new paradigm in smart city monitoring. It enables those in charge to solve real world problems, save money and, potentially, save lives.

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