Plan, compare, pay and travel with Tranzer.

All options for your journey from A to B, fair and clear on your Smartphone. With Tranzer travellers can buy tickets in-app for public transport or easily book a bike or taxi. 

These are only the basics, because The Tranzer platform moves beyond that. We combine all the different systems , ticket options, prices and validation methods of transport operators from all over the world in one API

Our system is agnostic, that means that we connect with your system, so the validation process in Tranzer is totally integrated in your validation process.

We offer the Tranzer platform as a webservice to large customer facing Apps and Mobility Service providers.

This way a customer can organise his/her mobility in the App he/she prefers. The business traveller can buy his tram ticket in the App of his favourite airline. Or book his taxi journey just as simple in his Mobile Banking App.


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