InoBat, a European-based battery manufacturer, with a battery R&D facility and pilot line in Slovakia specialises in research, development, manufacture, supply, of lithium-ion battery cells, custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of OEMs within the automotive, motorsport, commercial vehicle, off-highway vehicle and aerospace sectors.

At our R&D facility we can rapidly develop bespoke cell chemistries to suit the differing requirements of individual vehicle and aircraft manufacturers, custom-designed to ensure they hit the targets they need to achieve peak performance or maximum charge cycles. Our advanced, highly adaptable battery cell technology merges superior energy, range, and efficiency with unmatched durability, safety, and affordability – from modular components to complete, custom-engineered scalable battery systems. Using a “cradle-to-cradle" approach, we can provide innovative solutions across the entire value chain showcasing the concept of a circular economy and supporting our sustainability objectives.