Hoop Carpool


Hoop Carpool is a carpooling solution for corporations and universities. It’s a mobile application that puts drivers and passengers in contact with each other so they can share their day-to-day journeys in the cities. The main objective of Hoop Carpool is to optimize vehicle occupation levels, currently 1.3 persons per car, which translates into car spaces being empty over 90% of the time. By meeting this objective they contribute to the reduction of traffic and pollution in our cities. It also helps clients reach their Sustainable Development Objectives. Hoop Carpool, through its application, recommends a price per kilometer and the driver sets the final price. Hoop adds 10% commission for management charges. Passengers pay through the payment platform on the application and it’s easy and simple. Unlike other mobility solutions on the market at present, Hoop offers a more competitive price, access across the Madrid region and not just the city center, greater flexibility than bus routes or company shuttle buses and considerable savings for corporations. 

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