Bambi Dynamic


Bambi Dynamic provides car OEMs and mobility providers an Insurance SaaS that enables them to own and control their insurance offering and seamlessly partner with insurers or manage insurance through their own insurance entities. Using defined APIs and frictionless interfacing, Bambi’s SaaS connects to: (1) car OEMs and mobility providers, (2) to insurance entities and (3) the data steaming from the vehicle; all to offer data driven, digital and personalized embedded insurance.

Today, car OEMs and mobility providers own the point of sale, they have access to huge amounts of data, and they own the brand – They are in the best position to offer personalized insurance products to their customers.

However, entering the insurance space is not the core business of car OEMs and mobility providers and this is what Bambi’s solution comes to enable them.

Advantages: (1) Automation of insurance sales and VAS, (2) Embedded insurance, delightful experience (3) Variety and flexibility for customers. (4) Lowering TCO for customers (5) Proposing additional insurance products / warranty (6) Unification across markets (7) FONL and claims routing to OEM shops.