Air Products


At Air Products, our higher purpose is to bring people together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges.

As the world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products works across all facets of the hydrogen value chain, including production, distribution, storage, and dispensing and has been a pioneer in hydrogen fuelling for decades. We work and partner with select industry experts and governments, to provide lower-carbon and zero-carbon hydrogen solutions.

We deliver a complete end-to-end service for our customers, providing the solutions that our customers seek by offering a dependable supply of hydrogen, quality equipment, reliable stations, and cost efficiencies.

We’re proud to be a first mover in large scale, clean hydrogen production.

We operate the world’s largest hydrogen pipeline system and are a world-class liquid hydrogen supplier. We have hands-on operating experience with over 250 hydrogen fuelling station projects in 20 countries, and our technologies are used in over 1.5 million fuelling operations annually.

Generating a cleaner future requires experience, investment, and innovation on a world scale. At Air Products, we have the ambition to be a first mover in pursuit of this goal.