Investment in mobility: Will it change?

Hosted by Terrapinn 

Over the past number of weeks we have repeatedly heard reports of how Coronavirus will create a "new normal" for the future of work and consumer behaviour.

During this webinar we will debate how the different sub-sectors of mobility have been impacted and what measures each can take for sustainability, discussing such topics from an investors perspective. For example, will the current environment push people to have their own vehicle, slowing down the shared mobility movement?

The webinar will cover:
  • The permanence of long term trends such as electrification and autonomy.
  • How the current pandemic will impact services such as ride sharing and ecommerce.
  • Are current business model dependencies like gig and hourly workers without labor rights or healthcare still valid.
  • Current funding landscape.
  • How Corporates are reacting - are pilots, contracts going ahead?
  • How to plan for a Q4 fundraise in this environment.

Who should attend:
  • Investment companies
  • Anyone with a vested interest in the landscape of mobilitycould demonstrate its value in tackling the crisis and prepare us for the future of transportation post COVID-19.


   Featured Speakers:

Dylan Itzikowitz, Investor, Founders Factory

          Dylan Itzikowitz


         Founders Factory


      Moderated by:

Steve Hellman, Managing Partner, Mobility Impact Partners

              Steve Hellman

             Managing Partner  

        Mobility Impact Partners

Andreas Strasser, Investment Director EMEA, Volvo Car Technology Fund

           Andreas Strasser

      Investment Director EMEA

   Volvo Cars Technology Fund

Shannon Jones, Investor, Kx Ventures

           Shannon Jones


           KX Ventures



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