Mate Rimac’s innovative Drivecoach system

11 October 2019
Electric vehicle technology is conquering the planet, with the global market for EVs set to hit $271 billion in 2019.
But in making these gains, discarding the ‘unsexy’ EV image has been vital - many prominent car manufacturers have made it their mission to show that, aside from reducing emissions, electric vehicles can also provide as enjoyable and exhilarating a ride as their petrol cousins.
And few have done more to promote this burgeoning industry than Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili, and producer of the world’s fastest electric car.
Mate’s work is never low profile, making the news this summer for designing the battery-powered E-Type Jaguar driven by Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex at the royal wedding, while football superstars Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique recently expressed their preference for electric motorbikes designed by the Croatian entrepreneur.
But behind the headlines lies an unerring attention to detail and a drive to innovate and promote e-vehicles as the ultimate mode of personal transport going forward.
Mate will join us in MOVE’s Auto Futures stream to discuss Rimac’s new ‘Drivecoach’ system, designed to enhance the driver’s abilities and optimise vehicle performance, and to tease out his vision for the future of the industry.
He joins a world-class lineup of over 300 C-level presenters from across the new mobility spectrum – join him this February 12th & 13th in London – register here .

Mate Rimac - Drivecoach - MOVE 2019 Mate Rimac,
Founder & CEO, Rimac Automobili


“MOVE in a great opportunity to engage in conversation about new trends and innovative technology in the automotive industry. Thank you for having me on board.”


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