MOVE 2020 Speakers | Smart Traffic

 Mobility is moving forward and so must traffic - see the leading innovations in smart traffic barriers, road markings, signage, traffic light prediction, route optimisation and much more.

Musharraf Ali Faruqui, Zonal Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

Musharraf Ali Faruqui |  | Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) » speaking at MOVE

Roland Amann, Head Of Finance And Strategy Autonomous Mobility Systems, ZF Friedrichshafen

Roland Amann |  | ZF Friedrichshafen » speaking at MOVE

Darron Cavanagh, CTO, VPS Security

Dan Corns, Founder And President, Magnovate

Dan Corns |  | Magnovate » speaking at MOVE

Andy Cox, Head, Roads And Traffic Policing Unit, Metropolitan Police

Lucette Demets, Head Of Urban, London & Partners

Lucette Demets |  | London & Partners » speaking at MOVE

Alvaro Echeverria, Chief Executive Officer, SimpliRoute

Chirine Etezadzadeh, Founder And President,

Chirine Etezadzadeh |  | » speaking at MOVE

Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Next Future Transportation

Tommaso Gecchelin |  | Next Future Transportation » speaking at MOVE

Anabel Gulías Torreiro, Councillor, City of Pontevedra

Anabel Gulías Torreiro |  | City of Pontevedra » speaking at MOVE

Steffen Heinrich, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Peregrine Technologies GmbH

Dan Hubert, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, AppyWay

Dan Hubert |  | AppyWay » speaking at MOVE

Paul Hutton, Editor, Smart Highways Magazine

Dave Joshua, General Manager, Uk, Optibus

Dave Joshua |  | Optibus » speaking at MOVE

Dvir Kenig, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Intelligent Traffic Control

Koen Kennis, Vice Mayor For Finances, Mobility And Tourism, City of Antwerp

Scott Kolber, Chief Executive Officer, Roadify

Francesca Lavey, Programme Director, Mobility, Plexal

Jeremy Long, Chief Executive Officer European Business, MTR Corporation Limited

Udi Meridor, Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer, City Transformer

Udi Meridor |  | City Transformer » speaking at MOVE

Bryan Mistele, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, INRIX

Bryan Mistele |  | INRIX » speaking at MOVE

Pieter Morlion, Independent Advisor Innovation, MORE LION

Aaron Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Allvision

Aaron Morris |  | Allvision » speaking at MOVE

Paul Newman, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Oxbotica

Robin North, Chief Executive Officer, Immense Simulations

Brian O'Rourke, Chief Executive Officer, CitySwift

Angelo Rao, Manager Of Traffic Operations And Parking, City Of Lakeland

Carlton Reid, Transport Contributor, Forbes

Sam Ryan, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Zeelo

Sam Ryan |  | Zeelo » speaking at MOVE

Morten Rynning, Chief Executive Officer, CityQ

Morten Rynning |  | CityQ » speaking at MOVE

Joned Sarwar, Co-Founder And Technical Team Lead, Alchera Technologies

Kara Selke, Vice President Of Commercial Development And Privacy, StreetLight Data

Rikesh Shah, Head Of Commercial Innovation, Transport for London

Yona Shtern, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, Arrive

Jack Sibley, Head Of Innovation Strategies, Nuveen Real Estate

Jack Sibley |  | Nuveen Real Estate » speaking at MOVE

Harriet Tregoning, Director, New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO)

Harriet Tregoning |  | New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO) » speaking at MOVE

Tijl V, Founder, Fatdaddy

Tijl V |  | Fatdaddy » speaking at MOVE

Aymeric Weyland, Vice President Strategy And Partnership, Fluctuo

Aymeric Weyland |  | Fluctuo » speaking at MOVE

Nigel Williams, Managing Director, Parking Matters

Nigel Williams |  | Parking Matters » speaking at MOVE

Washington Yotto Ochieng, Professor In Positioning And Navigation Systems, Imperial College London

Washington Yotto Ochieng |  | Imperial College London » speaking at MOVE
last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15 GMT

Smart Traffic, Tuesday 11 February 2020

Raj Kapoor

Learnings from one of the largest commercial public self-driving program in the US

Rupert Mitchell

The EV revolution: How the Chinese market has achieved what it's achieved

Remo Gerber

How air taxis will enhance sustainability

Angela Hultberg

Going all in: Transforming to 100% electric deliveries by 2025

Bryan Mistele
Smart Traffic

Advanced AI: Completely rearchitecting how traffic data is collected, processed and reported

Tommaso Gecchelin
Smart Traffic

Car jumping: Making autonomous commuting smarter

Roland Amann
Smart Traffic

Pragmatic ways to smart autonomous mobility

Andy Cox
Smart Traffic

Drones & Vision Zero: Preventing illegal and dangerous driving

Scott Kolber
Sam Ryan
Smart Traffic

Macromobility: Demand-driven commuter buses to tackle congestion

Joned Sarwar
Smart Traffic

Clearing the city: Real time data for less time lost in traffic

Aymeric Weyland
Smart Traffic

Keeping cities on top of shared mobility options

Dvir Kenig
Smart Traffic

The first AI traffic light: Evaluating traffic-flow results

Chirine Etezadzadeh
Smart Traffic

Bringing new concepts to smart city traffic

Koen Kennis
Smart Traffic

People first: Antwerp's Pedestrianization of infrastructure

Morten Rynning
Smart Traffic

Imagine your next car being an Ebike

Brian O'Rourke
Smart Traffic

Digitally transforming bus journeys

Darron Cavanagh
Smart Traffic

Keeping Britain's roads safe: Translatable signage for broadening the scope of mobility

Nigel Williams
Smart Traffic

How should the parking industry regulate data

Aaron Morris
Smart Traffic

Parking and curb management for improved city planning

Ian Simmons

Changing lanes, charging cars, championing new technologies

Paul Newman

From Oxford to Mars: Building the brains behind self-driving vehicles

Fredrik Hjelm

Dialogue and transparency: Keeping scooters in European cities


Smart Me Up competition winner pitch

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

Smart Traffic, Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seleta Reynolds

Data wars: Who should be in control?

Eckart Diepenhorst

Think global, act local: How to outsmart the competition and shape the future of mobility

Angelo Rao
Smart Traffic

Lakeland's 'right-sizing': traffic reduction management

Dan Hubert
Smart Traffic

The parking transformation: Empowering local authorities and car park operators

Carlton Reid
Smart Traffic

Bike beacons: the future of B2V technology

Dan Corns
Smart Traffic

Maglev: The future of transportation

Dave Joshua
Smart Traffic

Integrating e-buses into current traffic planning

Anabel Gulías Torreiro
Smart Traffic

Cleaner cities, less traffic: Trialling pedestrianisation in Pontevedra

Robin North
Smart Traffic

Finding out how roadworks affect traffic

Udi Meridor
Smart Traffic

Squeezing past traffic: Innovation that overcomes congestion

Tijl V
Smart Traffic

Reducing congestion through alternative transport

Musharraf Ali Faruqui
Smart Traffic

Pedestrianization in moderation: Retractable bollards for prioritizing active mobility

Pieter Morlion
Smart Traffic

Developing Traffic-Management-as-a-Service

Yona Shtern
Smart Traffic

IoT for easier parking and navigation

Alvaro Echeverria
Smart Traffic

Logistical productivity: Smart routing for reducing the supply-chain

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

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