9-10 NOV | LONDON, ExCeL

MOVE 2021



The world’s most important mobility event


Join us at the MaaS Theatre, where world-leading tech companies and governments will unearth the hottest trends in peer-to-peer, ridesharing and multimodality.





Hans Kristian Aas, CEO, imove

Caroline Alméras, Secretary General, ECTRI

Juraj Atlas, Chief Executive Officer, Mileus

Jacob Bangsgaard, President, MaaS Alliance & CEO, Ertico - Its Europe

Jacob Bangsgaard | President, MaaS Alliance & CEO | Ertico - Its Europe » speaking at MOVE

Aurelien Cottet, International Sales Director, Instant System

John David Von Oertzen, CEO, Mobimeo

John David Von Oertzen | CEO | Mobimeo » speaking at MOVE

Debbie Dekkers, Project Manager, CTO's Office, City of Amsterdam

Susanne Findeisen, Project Manager & Sustainable Mobility Expert, City of Bremen

Susanne Findeisen |  | City of Bremen » speaking at MOVE

Miguel Gaspar, Mayor for Mobility, City of Lisbon

Miguel Gaspar | Mayor for Mobility | City of Lisbon » speaking at MOVE

Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager - UK, Northern And Eastern Europe, uber

Jamie Heywood |  | uber » speaking at MOVE

Philippe Huysmans, VP of Growth, Ridecell

Philippe Huysmans | VP of Growth | Ridecell » speaking at MOVE

Vladislav Kochetov, Head of Strategy, Yandex.Taxi Group

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, VP Regulation & Public Policy, Bolt

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch |  | Bolt » speaking at MOVE

Rory Normanton, Regional General Manager, FREE NOW

Rory Normanton |  | FREE NOW » speaking at MOVE

Olivier Reppert, CEO, SHARE NOW

Olivier Reppert | CEO | SHARE NOW » speaking at MOVE

Philipp Reth, Head of New Mobility, Volkswagen

Philipp Reth | Head of New Mobility | Volkswagen » speaking at MOVE

Valentino Sevino, Director of Mobility Planning, Milan Environment & Mobility Agency

Valentino Sevino | Director of Mobility Planning | Milan Environment & Mobility Agency » speaking at MOVE

Mariano Silveyra, VP of Public Affairs, Cabify

Mariano Silveyra |  | Cabify » speaking at MOVE

Aarjav Trivedi, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ridecell

Aarjav Trivedi |  | Ridecell » speaking at MOVE

Sakshi Vij, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, MylesCar

Sakshi Vij |  | MylesCar » speaking at MOVE

Sam Zaid, Founder & Executive Chairman, Getaround

Sam Zaid |  | Getaround » speaking at MOVE
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