What the urban mobility community are saying about MOVE...

Raphael Gindrat, CEO, Bestmile 
“MOVE 2020 brings together the leading public and private businesses and influencers that are re-imagining urban mobility. It is one of the most important events of the year and provides a great venue for companies like Bestmile to exchange ideas, learn about new technologies and solutions, and engage with current and future customers that are disrupting the mobility marketplace.”
Eckart Diepenhorst, CEO, FREE NOW
“The urban landscape keeps changing rapidly and MOVE 2020 is the perfect platform to discuss the most pressing matters of modern mobility. I am excited to meet people from all over the world to talk about what really matters to me: re-thinking urban mobility and making it available to everyone, independent of age, income and location.”
Matheu Parr, Project Manager - ACCEL, Rolls Royce
“Speaking at MOVE 2020 is the opportunity to influence the direction of urban mobility globally.”
Rikesh Shah, Head of Commercial Innovation, TfL
“Looking forward to meeting market innovators focusing on the future of mobility.”
Cindi Choi, Senior Director Investment, Total Ventures
“Really excited to be engaged, be inspired and be moved at Move 2020!”
Angela Hultberg, Head of Sustainable Mobility Ingka Group, IKEA
“Mobility affects all parts of our business, and we are determined to make sure that we act responsibly, finding new solutions to make all mobility more sustainable. We are excited to be part of MOVE, sharing our learnings, learning from others, and hopefully find new partners who shares our vision of a cleaner future."
Ismail Ovacik, Chief Designer Exterior, Volvo Trucks
“MOVE is creating an exciting multi-disciplinary platform for us to share ideas on what's coming next. The world around us is changing faster than ever and with the challenges our society is facing, MOVE will give us clues about how to build and sustain the future of mobility.”
Carlton Reid, Transport Contributor, Forbes
“The first MOVE show was packed with top execs from a very broad range of companies inside and outside of the mobility space.”



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