The Test track... is back!


The test track was a huge hit in 2019 with a range of impressive micro-mobility marvels on display.





MOVE 2020 Test Track Time-Table


The track is banck with a bang in 2020 and we gave exciting new companies showcasing some of the coolest new models around! From bikes made of bamboo to electric skateboards, see them all in action at MOVE 2020.

Day 1 Duration on Track Company
10.30am 30 mins Bird Rides
11.00am 30 mins Delfast Bikes
11.30am 30 mins Gura Rides
12.00am 30 mins Exomotion
12.30am 30 mins Simplemobility
1.00pm 30 mins Bamboo Biikes
1.30pm 30 mins Boosted Boards
2.00pm 30 mins Pragma (Aselhy)
2.30pm 30 mins Ebike Labs
3.00pm 30 mins Cycl
3.30pm 30 mins Unicorn Electrics
4.00pm 30 mins Blue Zoom
4.30pm 30 mins Solar E-Cycles Kenya Ltd
Day 2 Duration on Track Company
10.30am 30 mins Exomotion
11.00am 30 mins Solar E-Cycles Kenya Ltd
11.30am 30 mins Blue Zoom
12.00am 30 mins Unicorn Electrics
12.30am 30 mins Bird Rides
1.00pm 30 mins Ebike Labs
1.30pm 30 mins Pragma (Aselhy)
2.00pm 30 mins Boosted Boards
2.30pm 30 mins Bamboo Bikes
3.00pm 30 mins Simplemobility
3.30pm 30 mins Cycl
4.00pm 30 mins Guru Rides
4.30pm 30 mins Delfast Rides

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