MOVE 2020 Speakers | Active Mobility & Ability

 Ridership is on the rise across bike sharing, scooters and LEVs. Hear how cycling and active mobility leaders are enhancing the experience of people of all abilities, through advanced design.

Tony Adesina, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Gura

Tony Adesina |  | Gura » speaking at MOVE

Alan Benson, Chair, Transport for All

Peter Bodo, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Route4U

Peter Bodo |  | Route4U » speaking at MOVE

Xavier Brice, Chief Executive Officer, Sustrans

Alan Clarke, Director, Policy And Government Affairs, Ukin, Lime Bike

Alan Clarke |  | Lime Bike » speaking at MOVE

Dominic Lund Conlon, Manager, Accessibility And Inclusion, Rail Delivery Group

Joseph Constanty, Director Of International, NIU Technologies

Bernice Dapaah, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative

Bernice Dapaah |  | Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative » speaking at MOVE

Richard Dilks, Chief Executive, ComoUK

Mohsen Falahi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Exomotion

Mohsen Falahi |  | Exomotion » speaking at MOVE

Victoria Garcia, Accessibility And Communities Manager, Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Co.

Victoria Garcia |  | Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Co. » speaking at MOVE

Nusrat Ghani, Accessibility Minister And Parliamentary Under Secretary For Transport, Department For Transport (United Kingdom)

Nusrat Ghani |  | Department For Transport (United Kingdom) » speaking at MOVE

The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, 11 Time Paralympic Gold Medalist & Tfl Board Member, House of Lords

The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson |  | House of Lords » speaking at MOVE

Amit Gupta, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Yulu Bikes

Amit Gupta |  | Yulu Bikes » speaking at MOVE

Lucas Harms, Managing Director, Dutch Cycling Embassy

Lucas Harms |  | Dutch Cycling Embassy » speaking at MOVE

Stephen Hicks, Co-Founder, Director, Head Of Innovation, OXSIGHT

Stephen Hicks |  | OXSIGHT » speaking at MOVE

Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Chief Technology Officer, Urban Sharing

Kristina Jasiunaite, World Bicycles Relief

Arthur Keller, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Knot

Derrick Ko, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Spin Inc

Bethany Langford, Chief Executive Officer, The Community Transport Company

Alex Makalliwa, General Manager, Solar E-Cycles Kenya Limited

Loraine Martins MBE, Director Of Diversity And Inclusion, Network Rail

Loraine Martins MBE |  | Network Rail » speaking at MOVE

Sean Moroney, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Electric Transport

Sean Moroney |  | Cambridge Electric Transport » speaking at MOVE

Erdem Ovacik, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Donkey Republic

Amit Patel, Motivational Speaker, Transport & Ability

Amit Patel |  | Transport & Ability » speaking at MOVE

Michael Pellot, Innovation Director, Transports Metropolitans De Barcelona

Rene Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, City MaaS

Rene Perkins |  | City MaaS » speaking at MOVE

Laszlo Radacsi, Chief Strategy Officer, Route4U

Keith Richards, Chair, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

Sergio Romo, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Grow Mobility

Sergio Romo |  | Grow Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Jeff Russakow, Chief Executive Officer, Boosted

Eyal Santo, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, UMo Urban Mobility

Max Smith, Chief Executive Officer, OjO Electric

Max Smith |  | OjO Electric » speaking at MOVE

Patrick Studener, Vice President, Head Of Emea, Bird

Patrick Studener |  | Bird » speaking at MOVE

Mark Sutton, Editor, Cycling Industry News

Richard Thorpe, Founder And Managing Director, Gocycle

Richard Thorpe |  | Gocycle » speaking at MOVE

Mike Than Tun Win, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Lesswalk

Mike Than Tun Win |  | Lesswalk » speaking at MOVE

Professor Nick Tyler, Professor, UCL

Professor Nick Tyler |  | UCL » speaking at MOVE
last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15 GMT

Active Mobility & Ability, Tuesday 11 February 2020

Raj Kapoor

Learnings from one of the largest commercial public self-driving program in the US

Rupert Mitchell

The EV revolution: How the Chinese market has achieved what it's achieved

Remo Gerber

How air taxis will enhance sustainability

Angela Hultberg

Going all in: Transforming to 100% electric deliveries by 2025

Patrick Studener
Active Mobility & Ability

The capture range of different vehicles

Joseph Constanty
Active Mobility & Ability

The Car is the Enemy of the City

Alan Clarke
Active Mobility & Ability

Finding the right level of regulation for UK micromobility

The Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson
Active Mobility & Ability

Making the transport experience the same for all abilities

Xavier Brice
Active Mobility & Ability

Rethinking personal mobility so we can live and move well together

Arthur Keller
Active Mobility & Ability

Reducing the growth of urban congestion: Two wheeled alternatives

Sergio Romo
Active Mobility & Ability

Addressing corporate responsibility in micromobility

Erdem Ovacik
Active Mobility & Ability

Challenges to ethical micromobility: Corporate responsibility & public acceptance

Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby
Active Mobility & Ability

Making Oslo walk and cycle friendly

Jeff Russakow
Active Mobility & Ability

The future of LEVs

Alex Makalliwa
Active Mobility & Ability

Light-electric solar-powered tricycles: Providing mobility and electricity to off-grid communities

Richard Thorpe
Active Mobility & Ability

How are ridership trends influencing design innovation

Kristina Jasiunaite
Active Mobility & Ability

Mobilising people through the power of bicycles

Tony Adesina
Active Mobility & Ability

Green mobility expansion: Revolutionizing urban transport in Kigali

Ian Simmons

Changing lanes, charging cars, championing new technologies

Paul Newman

From Oxford to Mars: Building the brains behind self-driving vehicles

Fredrik Hjelm

Dialogue and transparency: Keeping scooters in European cities


Smart Me Up competition winner pitch

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

Active Mobility & Ability, Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seleta Reynolds

Data wars: Who should be in control?

Eckart Diepenhorst

Think global, act local: How to outsmart the competition and shape the future of mobility

Loraine Martins MBE
Active Mobility & Ability

Making rail accessible for everyone

Keith Richards
Active Mobility & Ability

Infrastructure – Taking ability into account

Alan Benson
Active Mobility & Ability

How does accessibility dictate your commute

Amit Patel
Active Mobility & Ability

On camera: Tracking the shortcomings of public transport for the visually impaired

Victoria Garcia
Active Mobility & Ability

Accessibility requirements: Connecting the board-level to the ground-level

Bethany Langford
Active Mobility & Ability

Access, inclusion, equality and independence for all people

Peter Bodo
Active Mobility & Ability

Making accessibility transparent: Tailoring routes for reduced mobility requirements

Rene Perkins
Active Mobility & Ability

Making MaaS work for people of all abilities

Michael Pellot
Active Mobility & Ability

Artificial Vision for the impaired: Urban navigation assistance

Bernice Dapaah
Active Mobility & Ability

Addressing the link between inclusive transport and inclusive societies

Mike Than Tun Win
Active Mobility & Ability

Providing transport to less connected regions: Community approaches to mobility

Mike Than Tun Win, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Lesswalk
Dominic Lund Conlon
Active Mobility & Ability

Holistic approaches to accessibility

Professor Nick Tyler
Active Mobility & Ability

Maximizing transport capabilities: Are we doing enough?

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

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