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Spanning everything from electric trucks to cargo bikes, drones, delivery robots and route optimisation, this stream will showcase the latest tech designed to drastically reduce emissions and congestion.

Zhiyong Bai, Head, Mobility, Singapore Economic Development Board

Zhiyong Bai |  | Singapore Economic Development Board » speaking at MOVE Asia

Jonathan Chua, General Manager - Southeast Asia, MVLLABS

Jonathan Chua |  | MVLLABS » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dandy Handoko, Head Of Business Intelligence, Go-Pay

Dandy Handoko |  | Go-Pay » speaking at MOVE Asia

Samantha Kapunan, Managing Director, IWantSeats

Samantha Kapunan |  | IWantSeats » speaking at MOVE Asia

Yew Wai Kong, Head Of Product Strategy, OVO

Yew Wai Kong |  | OVO » speaking at MOVE Asia

Kelvin Lam, Country Manager, You Technologies

Kelvin Lam |  | You Technologies » speaking at MOVE Asia

Yuen Hee Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Transit Link Pte Ltd

Yuen Hee Lee |  | Transit Link Pte Ltd » speaking at MOVE Asia

Lukas Neckermann, Chief Strategist, Splyt

Lukas Neckermann |  | Splyt » speaking at MOVE Asia

Jan Ondrus, Associate And Dean Of The Faculty, ESSEC Business School

Jan Ondrus |  | ESSEC Business School » speaking at MOVE Asia

Huey Tyng Ooi, Managing Director Of Grabpay Singapore, Malaysia And Philippines, Grab

Huey Tyng Ooi |  | Grab » speaking at MOVE Asia

Won Kyung Paik, Chief Strategist And Design,

Won Kyung Paik |  | » speaking at MOVE Asia

Tomas Pokorny, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Pi Pay PLC

Tomas Pokorny |  | Pi Pay PLC » speaking at MOVE Asia

Padet Praditphet, Director, Common Ticketing Office, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand

Padet Praditphet |  | Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand » speaking at MOVE Asia

Prakash Sangam, Chief Executive Officer, redBus

Prakash Sangam |  | redBus » speaking at MOVE Asia

Jeerayut Sudjarean, Chief Marketing Officer, Hisobus

Jeerayut Sudjarean |  | Hisobus » speaking at MOVE Asia

Zack Yang, Co-Founder, FOMO Pay

Zack Yang |  | FOMO Pay » speaking at MOVE Asia
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