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Energy and Charging will focus on how to successfully shift to electricity and hydrogen, as well as numerous case studies detailing the surge of EV charging infrastructure around the world.

Allen Abraham, Energy Storage And Electrified Mobility Expert, Bloomberg NEF

Allen Abraham |  | Bloomberg NEF » speaking at MOVE Asia

Akhil Aryan, Chief Executive Officer, Maxwell Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ION Energy)

Akhil Aryan |  | Maxwell Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ION Energy) » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dhivik Ashok, Chief Executive Officer, Go GreenEOT

Dhivik Ashok |  | Go GreenEOT » speaking at MOVE Asia

Jacques Borremans, Managing Director, APAC, CharIN EV

Jacques Borremans |  | CharIN EV » speaking at MOVE Asia

Tin Hang Liu, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Open Motors

Tin Hang Liu |  | Open Motors » speaking at MOVE Asia

Lex Hartman, Chief Executive Officer, Ubitricity

Lex Hartman |  | Ubitricity » speaking at MOVE Asia

Royce Hong, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, XING Mobility

Royce Hong |  | XING Mobility » speaking at MOVE Asia

Jogjaman Jap, Chief Executive Officer, Spectronik Pte. Ltd.

Jogjaman Jap |  | Spectronik Pte. Ltd. » speaking at MOVE Asia

Sriteja Julapalli, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, AspenBower

Sriteja Julapalli |  | AspenBower » speaking at MOVE Asia

Ankit Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, GoZero Mobility

Ankit Kumar |  | GoZero Mobility » speaking at MOVE Asia

Martin Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Electrify.Asia

Martin Lim |  | Electrify.Asia » speaking at MOVE Asia

Joshua Lin, Co-Founder, Anzene

Joshua Lin |  | Anzene » speaking at MOVE Asia

Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager, Retail Singapore, Shell

Aarti Nagarajan |  | Shell » speaking at MOVE Asia

Dalston Pung, Chief Operating Officer And Co-Founder, Qiq Global

Dalston Pung |  | Qiq Global » speaking at MOVE Asia

Gayam Raja, Chief Executive Officer, Gayam Motor Works

Gayam Raja |  | Gayam Motor Works » speaking at MOVE Asia

Naga Satyam, Executive Director, Olectra Greentech Limited

Naga Satyam |  | Olectra Greentech Limited » speaking at MOVE Asia

Larissa Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Vanda Electrics

Larissa Tan |  | Vanda Electrics » speaking at MOVE Asia

Wybren Van Der Vaart, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, BrightBlu

Wybren Van Der Vaart |  | BrightBlu » speaking at MOVE Asia

Christopher Wehner, Managing Director, B.M.W. Asia

Christopher Wehner |  | B.M.W. Asia » speaking at MOVE Asia
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