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SWTCH is pioneering EV charging solutions for multifamily and commercial properties across North America. We help building owners and operators deploy EV charging that optimizes energy usage and revenue at scale using existing grid infrastructure. SWTCH is making it possible to deploy EV charging at any multi-tenant property regardless of local grid constraints, from apartments and condos to workplaces and malls. Through constant innovation and an extensive partnership network, SWTCH provides the most profitable, and unique, business model for multi-tenant buildings to stay competitive.

SWTCH’s EV charging software includes tailored features to support shared charging among multiple tenants. Reservation systems and loitering penalties, and transparent billing based on individual charging behavior, ensure tenants are treated fairly and satisfied with the service. SWTCH also helps buildings overcome grid constraints and high or unpredictable utility bills by streamlining participation in energy efficiency programs. Working together with other clean energy technologies, such as renewables, also creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem. SWTCH has partnerships with utilities, electrical contractors, all major hardware manufacturers and fleet management providers. The end-to-end solution is scalable across multiple buildings and geographies, and SWTCH’s strong regulatory ties ensure properties meet EV readiness requirements without breaking the bank.

SWTCH was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs, investors and energy professionals with a vision of enabling communities to realize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of widespread EV adoption. Since then, its EV charging and energy management solutions have been installed in hundreds of multifamily buildings, 50 percent of which are classified as low-to-moderate income. By leveraging the latest technology available, SWTCH is making EV charging possible for all buildings.