Schaeffler Paravan Technologies

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Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG

  • Drive-by-Wire "SpaceDrive"
  • Triple redundant - Road approval
  • Design of new cockpit concepts
  • Driving without steering column
  • Hardware and Software
  • No speed limit
  • Key technology for automated/autonomous driving in level 4 and 5

Globally unique digital driving and steering system (steering, brake, gas) based on 18 years experience with 1 bn driven kilometers and more than 8.500 vehicles on publich road. Certification accoring to ECE-R 79 and R 13 and R 10. This fail operational system has two independant CAN BUS interfaces and is applicable to Commercial Vehicles, Cars, Mover, Robo Cabs.

Various input signals possible - joystick, electronic steering wheel by wire, remote, sensors, GPS and AI-ECU. SpaceDrive is Hardware and Software and is basic technology for automated/autonomous driving in level 4 and 5.


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